Our Products

At Carbon ThreeSixty we are structural composite engineers at heart and whilst we have a range of products already developed on the website, we welcome the opportunity to discuss any future projects with you, that required designing and manufacturing in composite materials, from prototype through to serial manufacture.


Carbon fibre wheels offer a number of advantages over traditional metal wheels and adoption of this technology being more widely utilised. Advantages include mass reduction, durability and aerodynamics.

Aerostructures and Propulsion

We design and manufacture components for use in a wide variety of aerostructures as well as static and rotating propulsion systems
electric machines

Power Electric Machines and Drives (PEMD)

Carbon ThreeSixty are enabling the manufacture and higher performance of electric motors through development and application of composite components, ranging from rotors, stator housing and containment bands for flux motors.

Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels are not just filament wound cylinders,  we have designed and developed modular systems to replicate typical architecture to fit in a battery box and remove the full re-design

“The Carbon ThreeSixty range of composite wheels covers multiple industries and applications, from ultra-lightweight, performance automotive wheels to heavy duty defence applications with any size or design.”

Ed Allnutt CEng