At the design stage we seek the appropriate materials and material formats to fit the required performance. This is often more about the fibre format than fibre type, as we find that the vast majority of effective solutions for our customers can be best and most sustainably achieved with a multi format architecture.

The team have extensive skills in material science, working a large range of materials in various formats; carbon, glass, thermoplastic and natural fibre, from braids, wovens, non-wovens and heavy fabrics

Similarly with resins, the wide range of knowledge and experiences of the Carbon ThreeSixty team enables us to select the most appropriate resin that will best achieve the required characteristics whilst being mindful of sustainability, whether that’s standard resins, advanced multi-functional systems, high temperature cyanate ester matrices or bio-derived resins.

To enable analysis we have a NETZSCH DSC 300 Caliris DSC high performance thermal analysis machine.

We are material agnostic so work with thermoset and thermoplastic systems – we choose the right format for the right use; we are as comfortable with each and are part of the transition to tough thermoplastic matrices providing a viable route to sustainability and recycling.

carbon fiber material