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Carbon ThreeSixty Welcomes The Arrival of New 6 Axis Robotic Filament Winding Cell

Carbon ThreeSixty, leading innovators in composite technologies and manufacturing, recently announced the unveiling of a new robot cell that will accelerate the company’s already enviable composite manufacturing capabilities.

The cell is based around a 6 axis Kuka KR240 robot that is capable of handling a wide range of composite materials and processes, further extending CTS’s manufacturing capability in Chippenham, UK

The winding cell will be capable of processing a wide range of materials, in dry tow, wet wind and pre-impregnated formats on parts up to 1.2m diameter by 3.5m long and will be used for products such as hydrogen storage, transmission shafts and electric motors.  The robot will be used for both filament winding and development of future manufacturing automation processes across Carbon ThreeSixty’s advanced product portfolio.

Parts can either be mounted on a standalone spindle frame or directly on the robot arm depending on requirements, processing up to 4 tows from 3K to 50K at once.

Andy Smith, R&D Director at Carbon ThreeSixty said “It’s fantastic to bring in a new piece of technology to Carbon ThreeSixty, allowing us to reach new customers and diverse product ranges in growth industries” 

The investment in the new winding cell demonstrates Carbon ThreeSixty’s ongoing success and commitment to re-investing in additional manufacturing capability and growth.

beep-bop-bzzzrrrr-beep-bop… Robot out.

Notes to Editors

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